Yield Increase

NEB root exudates offer an impressive increase in production on all commercial crops. The following yield increases are normal, based on independent research studies as well as actual farmer fields:

Paddy Rice


Sugar Cane


Oil Palm / Rubber / Horticulture

+ 1.5 tons per hectare

+ 1.5 tons per hectare

+ 10-20 tons per hectare plus increase in sucrose

+ 25% — 40% increase in production

+ 20% — 30% increase in FFB / latex / tonnage

Compelling Profit Incentive

The yield increases from NEB create a strong incentive to the farmer. When you consider that most farmers have small profit margins and high production costs, the additional profit from NEB radically changes the farmer’s profit. This creates a loyal client.

Visual Advantage

The power of NEB creates a side by side advantage in the field that farmers can see. This is important because as they see the difference, they know NEB is effective. The farmer knows NEB is effective before harvest. This means NEB is easy to introduce; farmers simply need to try it, see the impact in their field and they know it is effective and a good product.