There is a new technology in the agricultural industry – root exudates.

“Root exudates” are the liquids released by the plant’s roots into the soil. Root exudates naturally perform many critical tasks that benefit the plant. This has been documented by independent scientific journals from innovative scientists trying to understand the power of root exudates.

However, current commercial agriculture practices create a challenging environment for plant/soil interactions, which interrupts the quantity of root exudates released by the plant. Conventional chemicals control diseases and weeds, but yields are compromised and the farmer's profits are reduced.

We’ve formulated NEB root exudates so it can be used in addition to traditional farming programs. This means farmers can continue to benefit from conventional inputs while at the same time harnessing the power of these natural plant root exudates – raising yields and farmer profits.

NEB is a blend of root exudates, naturally derived from a variety of plant species. NEB is organic, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. NEB works in harmony with nature, helping the plant unlock its full potential.