Root Exudates — the secret weapon to build soil and plant health

Everyone realizes the profound benefits of healthy soil, but how can this be achieved in a way that is practical and cost-effective?

Leading soil scientists now recognize that root exudates, the organically-rich liquid secreted by plants into the soil, transform the rhizosphere — from a hostile battleground environment into a beneficial soil ecosystem. In short, root exudates create “healthy soil”.

The tipping point is the realization that root exudates are the mechanism plants use to manage and manipulate soil bacteria and fungi: suppressing harmful soil organisms and stimulating beneficial soil organisms. Plants are not passive observers, they proactively improve and protect the rhizosphere and they do this with root exudates.

NEB root exudates is a composite of natural, plant-sourced root exudates that provides profound short term and long term benefits:

Crop Benefits: Yield, quality, consistency

Soil Benefits: Soil structure, water holding capacity, root penetration, organic matter