We manufacture NEB root exudates in the USA. We offer an exclusive distribution opportunity, with an organic technology that offers a very strong benefit to the farmer with attractive profit margins for you and your dealer network. In short, we offer a very lucrative business opportunity for you

NEB is currently being sold in many countries. Distributors have evaluated NEB, confirmed excellent field results and are now selling NEB. NEB root exudates is effective on all commercial crops, including rice, wheat, corn, sugar cane, vegetables and tree crops.

Our first priority is for you to witness NEB perform. We hope the technology, research and successful commercial markets intrigue you. But for you to really be confident, you need to see NEB perform yourself.

We will work with you so you can confirm that NEB is a very good product. We encourage you to conduct your own field trials, with your own farmers, and see the power of NEB.

If you are interest in learning more about distributing NEB, please contact us.